Thursday, 9 January 2014

DUPE : Urban Decay Naked Palette Or W7 In The Buff Palette Neutral Eyes Palette

(price now increased to £4.25 plus 50p delivery)

I was casually browsing on Amazon and this little gem popped up in the items you might like box , its the W7 In The Buff Neutral Eyes Palette . Its a blatant rip off of the Urban Decay Naked Palette , but who cares when it costs ONLY £4 with free delivery ! (price has since increased ). I haven't used it yet, but i just had to take a picture and show you now as i couldn't contain my excitement . There is a mixture of 11 shimmery and matte shadows , a double eneded brush and the tin is the same as the Naked 3 . My first impressions of the palette are that the packaging is great , selection of shadows great and I'm really eager to try this palette , I can't wait to report back to you all .


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  2. I just got this today, the pigmentation I find it amazing! I'll send you a tweet once I've blogged about it on my blog :
    Gem x

  3. Looks good, curious to see the swatches :) x

  4. I love W7 stuff! I'm going to buy this. Thanks for the link! x

  5. Very tempted to buy this myself

  6. They were talking about this palette at the Urban Decay event I went to last week, and then the MUA one, the Clinique one and all the other ones :) I haven't tried this, I have the MUA one, which I loved until I tried the Urban Decay one, once I'd tried it, it just didn't compare :)


  7. W7 is pretty good, especially for the price! Their nail stuff is especially awesome. I think you can buy it in Peacocks too xx

  8. I really like the different shades here, I'd love to see the swatches! - Tasha xxx

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