Thursday, 5 December 2013

OOTD and a little ramble

My new Jacket from Yours Clothing is amazing ! Super Stylish don't you think ? Have you spotted my new festive iPhone cover ? Its a friggin reindeer ! Primark £3 amaze balls :-)

 Its gone a little quiet on the blog, I'm just not feeling the blog love right now. I am loving reading every ones blogs , but i just cannot find that blogging mojo. I guess I'm suffering from the every ones more stylish than me , every ones more pretty blah blah , I'm sure ill be posting again soon but for now it may go a little quiet . Ive never been the most regular of posters but i want to be , it just never happens !

I have joined up to a secret Santa Swap so that post will be coming in the next few weeks , really excited as I've never done any thing like this before.

I shall leave you with yesterdays outfit , a rather mismatched outfit with clashing prints , my coloured print scarf totally clashes with my patterned trousers , but who gives a jefff ! :-)


  1. Love the scarf. :)

    If you haven't the blogger mojo yet, than take the time you need to get it back. No pressure to make posts which are just for blogging with no heart inside.

    ♡ Mel xoxo

  2. Hugs. Maybe when Christmas is over your mojo might come back. x x

  3. looking fantastic as always Jo! :)

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